Involuntary Thinking.

Sometimes its amazes me how much I think. But it’s involuntary though. From the start of the day to its end, anytime, anywhere I think about anything. I create my own world and lose myself in it .

Sometimes, my friends laugh at me when they see me sitting at the edge of my bed and looking at anything completely unaware of my surroundings. Many times I find myself playing with my hair lost in thoughts. When i’m in class I take myself on the journey of the world .My flight takes off from Paris and lands in Africa. I return when my teacher’s words interact  with my thoughts.

Sometimes, I think about my family and friends. Happy for them, worried about them and many emotions.

Erstwhile,  I think about my future. What is Lord’s plan for me? Will I get everything I want? All these things worry me.

Many involuntary thoughts knock my head. Sometimes they make me happy, other times they make me worried. The process goes on.

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