I returned home after two months and seventeen days. My mom was  waiting for me at our house doorway. She ran towards me when she saw me . She hugged me with a broad smile on her face.

It was a quick hug .She pulled herself but her hands are on my shoulder. She scanned me quickly and said “you lose too much weight,Aditi. You should take care of yourself”.

She again hugged me . This time it was a tight hug. I buried my face into her shoulder, and my all worries were gone .

I forgot my hard times and difficult situation I faced in my hostel.

I forgot my problems, my issues.

I forgot my irritating journey I traveled to come back to her.

I just remember is my mommy and her love, her care, food she cook for me.

My mom is solution of my all problems and remedy of my all worries.





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