Indian Supergirl PV sindhu

Never thought I would be interested in watching badminton ever. But at this rio olympic after watching the marvelous game of our indian star badminton player P.V.SINDHU my interest in the game raised. 

Padma shri recipient is the first indian women who earned silver medal at olympic. Her dedication and never say die spirit is the most striking feature in her game. At semifinals after defeating Japanese player she confirmed a medal at rio olympics and my family started clapping and jumping in the happiness for her victory ,for our Victory,for our country victory. Our whole town celebrated her victory like Diwali. 

Its not only arjuna sindhu’s but her dronacharya coach GOPICHAND hard work earned a silver for india at rio. Along with sindhu, gopichand is also totally off carbohydrates from last three month so that he could be a effective sparring partner to sindhu and sindhu remains fit for the game. For tall and masculine physic sindhu her coach word is law and she follow him blindly. 

Its her silver medal but for our golden girl our country celebrated it like gold. Sindhu is lauded with many gifts from BMW to 2.5 crore to land from the country. Sindhu inspired every girl of the the country to be sportperson. She inspired me to be sportperson. 

Heartfull thanks to PV sindhu and coach Gopichand for this historical win. Thank you for bringing medal for india. For inspiring  every girl of our country and every parents who wants a boy child instead of girl.





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