Get out of my head

Its been four years we neither met nor talked. I still remember every thing about you. Your each word, every expressions, Your sleepy face, laughing face, sad face, smiling face, Your way of looking at me, Your dramatic face trying to convinced me, Your each shirt you wore when you was with me, your not liking T-shirt attitude, Your eyes that were staring at me and I used to pretend didn’t saw you. I just remember everything.
And I hate to remember. I tried hard, really hard to forget about you but can’t. Your each memory is as strong as it was four years ago. I still found myself siming while thinking about you.

Your thoughts, memories are getting dangerous for me. Its not allowing me to concentrate on my lively activites. Its not allowing me to concentrate on my studies. Your thoughts making me sad. Will i ever meet you. Will I ever talk to you. I need to dismissed your thoughts.

You need to get out my head. I need to kick you out of my head. Let me to concentrate on my studies. Let me concentrate on my life, my surrounding. I don’t know will ever forget you or not but right now get out of my head.

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