Add life to years

A very famous hindi movie dialogue


babumushoi zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiy

e”which means friend life should be big not long.

In this movie the actor is a cancer patient and knows the value of life, value of each day, value of each moment as he know he is not going to live long.
Why the person only understand the true meaning of life when he founds out he is dying?. Why he always forget to live life?.  Why he get so much involve in working for his future and forget to live his today?. As we turn to more and more adult our responsibilites increases and we start living for others more than ourself. As we grow old the child inside us gets more hidden. Don’t allow the child inside you to get so hidden as it get lost one day.
Allow yourself to give sometime to yourself and in that time period. Do what ever you want to do.
Do things that gives you happiness.
Do something for yourself only for yourself.
Dance, music, books, gyming, writing, cooking, painting , long walks, long drives anything.        
Giving few minutes to yourself after the long tiring day will add life to years

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