She got forcefully (beautifully​) ready to meet a guy. Her parents wants her to meet the guy for the marriage proposals. They told her the guy is highly educated, smart ,work in the MNC, own a house and car. He is also her mother friends son

She doesn’t want to marry. Not just at the time but never. Because she know every guy are just interested in the girls outlooks, there figure, skin color. 

It’s not that she is not beautiful. She got many compliments since her childhood about her features, face cut, jaw line. But she never got impressed by these compliments. She knows why her mother always asked her to always wear full lengths clothes. 

While on the way to meet the guy she decided she won’t hide anything​ from the guy. She don’t want to start any relationship​ with a lie. She will tell him why she always wear full lengths clothes. 

She saw the guy sitting at the corner table of the cafe. She found him attractive. She immediately suppressed the feelings and told herself it’s too early for these feelings.

“You are looking beautiful”, he compliment  her while looking directly into her eyes. 

She smiled. Your thoughts will change once you know the truth, she thought.

They talked about there career, office, home, life and many things.

Then finally!

Why you agreed to meet me?, She asked.

I found you beautiful, he replied politely. 

Do outlook beauty only matter to you?, she asked.

“No, I want to marry a girl with a beautiful heart and character with whom I can spend my whole life and never get bored.Not with the beautiful skin which will fade as years pass”, he replied confidently.

She got impressed. She decided it’s the right time to tell him everything.

I want to say you something, she said.

About your legs, he replied.

How did you know things about my legs?, she asked.

My mom already told me about white patches on your legs, he replied.

Tears start flowing from her eyes.

I’d  fallen in love with you since the college days. I used to drove 5 k.ms. just to see you during college days. At that time you don’t even know I exist. After days of stalking, I noticed  you always wore full lengths clothes. Intially I thought you are quite conservative and not comfortable with it. But one day I saw you wearing a dress but with stockings. I used to share everything with my little sister. I told her about you and your obessesion to cover legs, he breathe it out.

Once my little sister mention you in front of my mom. My mom already know you. She is my friends duaghter, she said , he continues.

She told us about the white patches on your legs and how your parents try it to hide it from society. 

After hearing these my love for you didn’t change. It got even more stronger, he said.

You are perfect to me. You are crazy. You are witty, smart, best in your field, he compliment her.

I promise you will never feel uncomfortable with me about your white patches, he said promisingly.

Ohk, so what do you think about me, he asked.

I never thought anyone ever wanted to be with me with my white patches. You change my thoughts today completely, she said.

So you like me, he asked.

She nodded.

Are you ready to spend your life with me? Or you want to meet me second time or you don’t ever want to meet me or remain as friends, he asked.

I am ready with the first option, she said.

Are you sure?, he asked.

It’s only take a moment to fall in love!! She said with a innocent smile.


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