So our greedy tongues and lazy butts helped us to grab a title

Having a population of 1.32 billion, India may not stand any where in Olympics but has secured a position of being called as CAPITAL of DIABETES in world. Being a developing country India has gracefully beat undeveloped countries also.

Diabetes, disease which called as Amiro ki bimari by the lower class people of India due to the royal food habits of upper class people has strike back to the lower class people by affecting them in more numbers than upper class.

Type 2 diabetes which mostly occur in person due to lifestyle, food habits affected Indians whose greedy tongues has easily accept the western food habits(pizza, burgers, other junk foods) but there lazy butt hasn’t accept the sports culture of western countries.

India where synonyms of sports is cricket always believe in butt loving lifestyle and where children are force to studies rather than play outdoor games deserve being called as CAPITAL of DIABETES.

If surprisingly India lost this position by developing sports enthusiasm in there life (pls note sarcasm) then it may be possible that India stand at prestigious position at Olympics.

Although this is happening is as impossible as Rahul Gandhi delivering intellectual speech without unknowingly proving himself “pappu” or Arvind kejriwal appreciating modi’s work.

But if this impossibility happens to be possible then don’t know abt Olympics but the sugar level of country will definitely get controlled.

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