Encountering a “plastics”, how changes reviews about all time favorite movie “mean girls”

I never got fascinated by “Mean girls”. I never understood why it’s so popular, all time favorite teen movie, until I got into college. At the times of school life I never believe in “Mean girls type of movie. How can I?. I never faced pretentious queen or can I say “plastics” in my life. Back at school everything’s so innocent, so simple, so normal.

Where there is no meaning of friendship. At that times friendship is just friendship. Where you laugh with, at your friends, share about crushes, hottest guy in school, worrying about grades, acceptance in respectful college.

I don’t know why I don’t like mean girls at that time may be it isn’t everything really innocent back then. It’s just I never encountered a queen bee in my life. Being a proud nerd in school all I care about is my grades and how to impress teachers. May be “plastics” also existed at that time but I never focus on them.

Well, now in college when I am trying really hard socializing and getting involved in college life, adjusting in hostel (just to survive) all these Queen bees or Plastic entered with a grand entry in my life. To make everything more difficult for me. 2-3 days back when I rewatch “Mean girls” my views for the movie changed. I started liking it just because I can relate it with my real life. Wow.

Those who are there who believe that queen bees doesn’t exist. How can one be so God damn cruel, believe you haven’t encountered them yet. Those who are well experienced with queen bees will get my view here.

The biggest weapon of queen bees with which they trap innocent girls in there net are Extreme good looks, honey dip tongues, trying to help everybody ( just for there benefits), back bitching to keep everyone on there side, try to make everybody feel inferior and try to get every boy tension by showing themselves.

Deep inside I am sure for one thing they aren’t the horses of long race but worried about that they are destroying the college life of many girls, which is one of the important phase of life.

Sometime I hope school give us Queen bees education back then may be I will be able to deal with them. But, life doesn’t end here. They aren’t going to stand in real world because the Queen bees didn’t experience Queen bees in life.

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