A daughter call to prime minister

Respected P.M. sir,

Hello! I needed to contact to you, my P.M., my brother, my only hope for better future of corroding India. I tried every thing to reach you, mail, letters, P.M. complain box but it all remain unanswered. I also thought to tweet you to get my voice to your ears but the micro-blogging site word limit unable to capture my big sentences I want to say to you. After every failed attempts I thought to write my message on my blog with a slightest hope that it may reach to you.

First of all I want to say “thank you” for your wishes on Rakshabandhan (a sacred festival of brother and sister). Now, as you are my brother I can complain to you and make demands also.

First is the complain is that my I haven’t talk with my father from last three days. I know you were thinking “Is my father is on Indian Army?” But no sir. He is not. He works at Indian Railways. He is deputy station master at Indian Railway, right now placed in Burhanpur,M.P.. As we all know his Job is only for eight hours but he is working for 12 hrs (12p.m to 12a.m.) from three days because one of his colleague took holidays as his mother got expired. When I asked my father “Isn’t there any substitute employee or other who can fulfill the vacant place?”, Then I got to know that Indian government hasn’t admitted any employee in Indian Railway. I further ask “why?”, This one word simplest question I received a most complicated answer that government doesn’t have enough money to give to the employee.

Isn’t it funny my brother that the sector where all employees pay income tax every year with full honesty get to see these days. More than these I laugh on a fact that many unemployed youngsters are roaming for job and government isn’t admitting them.

Enough of complain, otherwise my brother will get bored and I know he has other important work also. Now I get on my demands. Brother, society needs balance, I know you know about society more than me but I am just telling this as if in society work is more as compare to rest and fun than it will lead to frustation, which will deplete the society. Kindly do something. It’s getting harder for your sister as she is unable to talk to her father.

I only want to say one last thing is that “I believe in you” I hope it remain constant.

Your sister.

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