My weird wattpad love

The day I found out about wattpad, it became my anywhere anytime partner. I loved this community so much that I started spending my maximum free time there. Wattpad became my saviour from awkward social situations, places where I can’t carry my novels, when I got weird cravings of book of various genre or when I’m broke and can’t buy new novel, wattpad appear as my Knight in shinning armour.

Not only wattpad connected me to the writer /reader from different part of the world but also it exposed me to various genre of books I never tried before like crime, werewolf.

My first book on wattpad was “The chasing Red” by Isabella Ronin. Immediately after starting the book I fall in love and completed it in two days. When I finished it, I felt extremely lucky to came across wattpad and choosing to read “The chasing red”. After that I got into an affair with wattpad. Believe me this article isn’t sponsored by wattpad but I really wanted to show my gratitude towards this community so I decided my blog is perfect place for it.

If you haven’t encountered wattpad yet or give it a chance, give it. Its really worth it (especially when you are broke and want to read a good book)

~ Aditi Mehta.

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