A day trip to Hanumantiya Tapu!

What’s better than to spend a day with your family with the clear crystal blue water and all the amazing water sports.

Hanumantiya tapu, 60 k.m. from Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh is actually a backwater of Indira dam. M.P. tourism decided to be all touristy with it. They introduced all the water sports there and also build a place to sit and do picnic around there.

Hanumantiya Tapu is called as Switzerland of Madhya pradesh. I know it sound overrated but when I visited there all that clean, clear blue water was worth it. The place also offer water sports. I rode on banana ride, did jet ski and air balloon.

If you are from madhya pradesh and planning for a day trip or a getaway this place will work for you! No matter you are with friends or family.

A picture from my visit to Hanumantiya Tapu!

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