Not Without My Daughter

A must read.

A friend of mine recommended this book to me. I hesitated first before reading it, as I never put a hand in biographies. Love stories, romance are always my type. She kept insisting, I thought okay let’s give it a try.

This book took me me to Tehran, Iran in 1980’s with an American women, her Iranian husband and their four year old daughter Mahtob.

Within a few pages only, I developed deep sympathy for Female protagonist Betty Mahmoody and her daughter Mahtob. Betty’s husband Dr Mahmoody (moody) describe as a confuse, intelligent, violent men betrayed them by breaking the promise of staying only for 2 weeks in Iran. He prison his wife and daughter in a foreign country. Time comes when he beat them, lock Betty in a apartment for days all alone, Separate daughter from her mother and also telling them he will kill Betty if she ever tried to escape.

They both were trapped in the country where government are more concerned about the women’s clothing rather than the citizens safety.

Betty, a brave, smart women. Capable of making friends easily, make a escape plan for herself and her daughter with the help of trustworthy friends she makes during her journey. But all the escape route demands one thing from her “without her daughter”. But a great mother she is determined “Not Without My Daughter”.

All she has with herself is faith in herself, in God, in Allah (who she start praying religiously while staying in Tehran) and her father’s word “where there is will, there is way”.

I didn’t like Betty totally she sometimes confuse me with what she exactly wants bit her determination was commanding.

After one and half year of he’ll she escape Iran. Cross the border of Iran from mountain surrounded by snow on a horse with her daughter.

This book is a perfect example of faith, determination, bravery, mothers love for daughter and of course the proverb “where there is will, there is way”. This book has also set a example for one thing that no matter what’s your nationality, religion being good or bad is completely your choice.

It is beautiful book, a great experience!

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