Spirituality or stories

Spirituality, Religion, heritage, culture, tradition, deities, tales, untold truth is what makes core of India.

When I was a little girl all my life I would ask my father “why we always visit a pilgrimage and even when we visit some touristy place there also we find some temples to visit”. My father will always politely reply to me “what’s a India without a temple”. I never got that.

When I crossed my adolescents and in my way to find myself, discover something new, I found that temple is not only what it looks like or some place to worship. It’s a way above it. For some it’s a place to find peace. For some it’s a place of stories, tales. For some it’s a architectural beauty. For some it’s a scientific spirituality. It’s all about the point of view. All about the way of thinking. It’s all about you. Your thoughts, your idea, your believe, your faith.

Now even ever I visit temple I not only do the prayers but look for the odds. For something scientific, something filmy, something funny, something knowledgeable, something interesting!

A picture from the Mud Island in shape of Om hence named Omkareshwar. One of 12 jyotiralinngs of Lord Shiva

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