How I met my best friend

The bestest decision my parents took for me is to change my school after six grade. Ahh for all the CBSE and stuff. But for me the new school was like blessings to my every prayer. After all I met my best friend there. It wasn’t a friendship at first site. It took us years to get comfortable and overcome our fights share things and become the “best friend”. Initially it was only like friend’s friend then proceed to hii/hello friends and then we took the big steps of becoming friends. Now the condition is “if she is going to the moon then I’m going to chase her there” . No matter how bigger the problem is if she prayed for me then it’s like “what’s the problem”. I believe more in her prayer than mine. I believe more in her than myself and she believes more in me than I believe myself. They say words always fall short for the feelings. They are right. No matter how beautiful and powerful adjectives I use to describe her it won’t be enough.

But she always says “Best friend” is every description. And she is right. She is my “The Best friend”.

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