When I first enter that room it’s was four wall, ceiling, a washroom and a beautiful balcony. That moment I thought I just have to spend four and half years here. I never thought it would ever be home to me and I never like to call it home. I always had a thought how can I call that four walls with such warm word. I never thought the floor that contains that four walls would be so dear to me that when I sit in my new allotted room (in the same hostel just three floors down ) writing this article will feel a burden that something is leaving behind, something is not on the track.

How could that four walls so dear to me. How could that room which contain my particular spot, where I love to sit and read and do stuff would make me shed tears for it. Now, no more standing in that beautiful balcony and looking not particularly anywhere. Now, no more fighting with my so called enemy/friend which I hate from bottom of my heart (kindly get the sarcasm) in that floor gallery. Now no more complaining of all the heat as it was the top floor. Now no more showing swag to that friend/enemy whenever we cross each other path in the floor. Now no more making fake cringing face to that friend/enemy when we face each other early mornings or late nights. How could that floor be so dear to me, for which my first thought was “Ahh, no lift! How will I manage to take stairs to the fourth floor”.

But atleast I’m glad I’m with people who I have started with. Of course through this long journey of three and half years I have thought millions of time that it be better without her or should I change my roommate. But now, when I’m on first floor room which I desired in my first year of hostel life, I’m glad she is with me. It would be so difficult without her. This new walls and ceilings will haunt me more without her. With her with me atleast a small bit of piece of my previous room is with me.

I know it’s too early for the judgements but this new four walls can never took place of my previous four walls.

How could that four walls so dear to me!

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