A dive into past

Hello Readers.

We all are almost at the beginning of the whole new decade. There is only two days left of this decade to end. When I was discussing this thing with my mother earlier this afternoon she can’t believe how fast this year has come to its end. We were counting how many things has happen this year or better say this decade. Good things, bad things, things that we didn’t expect it to happen. But what a life without surprises and few shocks.

From graduating high school to moving Indore for college, from loosing people to making new friends, from cries to laughter, from regrets to guilt, from learning new things to doing new things, from fear to success, from fright to flight this decade was a complete package. But some of the best things happened in this decade. I got my best friend for life. Well, she became my friend to best friend this decade. she is my biggest blessings and now I have to stop blabbering about her otherwise this blog will turn all about her. I graduated high school. My beautiful era of life. That was the time I used to be so carefree.  I was sure my life after high school was gonna be smooth like butter. Then I graduated high school and I got to knew the real world is no fairy tale.

College is not exactly the real world but it was too real than high school. It taught me many things that high school couldn’t. One of the best experience of this decade was  living in hostel. Hostel is something like between living on your own and living under guidance. You would wonder about guidance but believe me every other hostel mate is guru in her own way. Hostel is where I started to read. Real read. The best thing that happen to me. This decade has help me overcoming my stage fear, fear of public speaking. Now no more legs shaking. Just some nervousness but I can deal with it and my Papa is more glad for it than me. This decade taught me how to overcome failure. when I didn’t get admission in MBBS I was torn apart. I felt like end of fucking world. but as time pass I learn maybe its was’t for me. You don’t get everything you desire. And probably its for the best.

Decade has gave me so many things and at the same time took so many things from me. but apart from this give and take relationship the time and I has share a good bond. Not a great but a good one.

If I Talk about me not around me this decade was like a two parts movie of my personality. I was also like two personality person in the two halves of this decade. First half was a quiet persona who only smiles at every conversation and probably more into herself but nobody can get into her head if she don’t allow that person. The other half knows how to talk with you now. She knows how to spend three hours in awkward social situation but she is easily gets affected with others. Now she spend hours thinking about others.

Both the personality has its own good and its own flaws. And now I have to work on the personality of both its combination. Earlier today I was feeling sad  that this year is coming to end. But also at the same time I am more excited about what the next year has to offer. And this is life. Isn’t it.

This isn’t the half of the things that happen in this decade. of course its whole fucking 10 years but I have to end these blog now. As I have to go now and help my sister in her wardrobe issues otherwise she is suing me ( not literally but she is wishing for some wardrobe related law).

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