Rachel to my Monica❤️

Just 15 days left for my final year university examination to start. Shouldn’t I be worried like a hell for it as like last three years? But no! This time I’m more worried about the what will happen after exam. I’m fearful about the job, house hunting, surviving on my own rather than the in hand work.

No matter how much I console myself that everything going to be okay. You are going to be damn good. But it won’t give me long lasting effect.

Every time I’m going through some emotional difficulties, I don’t know how but my phone started ringing displaying my best friend name. You can say it co incidence. We say it heart to heart connection. 3- 5 minutes talking to her put me back on track. I don’t know, how? But It’s like my heart listen more to her than me.

To everyone who is going through the same phase like me. Let me tell you one thing, focus on your exam, otherwise all the worries will be of no use. Just like Rachel we will be okay. It will take time definitely but we will do great for ourselves. After all we all have our Monica to motivate us and keep us on track.

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