Five Things Every Indian Mother Has Said to their children In Lock Down

1) Whole time Mom I am hungry. Mom what you are cooking? Ever thought about my struggles…….

Everybody has got break from school, college, office but what about me? You people at home means more work for me. All day eating and eating. Ever wonder where this food comes from? I cook them. I cook all day and do nothing. ever thought about coming in kitchen and help me.

2) All day phone, phone and phone…..

All day phone and phone. I never get whats so special in it. Every time chatting, clicking pictures and playing Ludo. Nobody is interested in whats you eat and do all day. Do one thing start clicking and sending your potty pictures you and say “look friends I did potty today”. And your sister she is dancing and acting in front of phone all day. Is there Karan Johar in it?

3) Everybody has to watch Ramayan and Mahabharat…

Best thing happen in this lockdown is Doordarshan has once again started Ramanyan and Mahabharat. In our times there was only Doordarshan and we all sat together and watched it. Not like you all always fighting for remotes. Now everybody has to watch Ramayan and Mahabharat. You all will get some good Sanskars.

4) This is not a holiday. It’s lock down. Wake up early…….

If you won’t wake up early from tomorrow, no food for you. I don’t understand what you guys do all night. Are you a Owl. Why don’t you sleep early so you can wake up early. i know its next to impossible for you but I know you can do it. I trust you (like I have got other options)

5) Come and help me in doing household chores……

Even government don’t care about the housewife. Everyone has got break from work but we have to work even more. House help are also not coming. You people do nothing just lying on bed with that phone on your hand. Ever thought about coming and helping me. This time is like the golden opportunity for you to learn all the household chores. It will prepare you for your life ahead.

Hello people. How are you all. well theirs so many things that i tell to my children everyday but this are the five comments thing that i tell to them. everyday not even missing a single day. okay bye. Let your mothers live peacefully.

Aditi’s Mother.

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