My experience, Therapy with fear or with politeness.

Once a teacher in my physical therapy school told me “therapy can heal patient but therapy done with politeness can win the patient”. In this article I’m going to share my experience of working under a certified physical therapist (masters in orthopedics) in my hometown a year back for a month.

I don’t know how to start my experience. But before starting I’m apologizing to every physical therapist if they find this article offensive. My fingers are trembling while writing this blog. Since a year of holding back from sharing this, now I have to share this experience with you all for my own peace. I keep it up to you how you take it.

Lets start,

That time my 3rd year examination just ended and we got one month summer break. I wanted to utilize it in every possible way. So I decided to go for obervation-ship under a Physical therapist in hometown who is running a successful clinic. There are many clinic but I choose her because she was graduated from same PT school I’m studying and she was the topper of her batch.

Initial two days was so good. She was extremely polite just not to me but with every patient as she thought I won’t be joining the clinic. On third day when she knew I am more of a permanent, things started changing in her behavior. Once she ask me to took off micropore tape from patient after completion of IFT. I did it and threw it in dustbin when she saw me doing this, she scolded me. Why? Because I threw the micro pore in dustbin and she uses the micropore on various patient till it has glue. (Really! What about the hygiene lesson we learn in PT school).

There were many patient of cerebral palsy in her clinic. She was good in her job. The children were doing great but they were terrified of her. Why? Because when the children don’t listen to her she used to slap them and made them fearful by showing EMS electrode to them and saying she will give current to them. I had it enough when she actually put the electrode on child cheeks with a switch on EMS. You all were be like where were the children parents at that time? Well, the Parents aren’t allow in the room when the therapy is going on. Once I told this to one of the children parent and he told me, “What we can do madam, child is showing improvement and we don’t have much options”.

I agree the child is showing improvement but what about their psychology. He was afraid to death from her. What impact was it leaving on child? Many of you were be thinking she is doing all these to make them do exercise. But can’t it be done with some other method or with a tinge of politeness.

Some of you must be thinking I shouldn’t reveal the inside of someone’s clinic, who is in same profession as me. Believe me I was holding back from sharing this experience since year but if I won’t light this issue it will be harmful for our profession.

Why the month end abruptly? The answer will reveal based on response to this article.

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sorry for poor English and grammatical error.

16 thoughts on “My experience, Therapy with fear or with politeness.”

  1. Clearly this should not be done, we can win hearts with politeness, and this can improve individual’s progress too.
    Being a physiotherapist, I will never recommend such therapists to othera.

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  2. It was a completely dreadful and alarming act . And as I hold the same profession I felt so sad about it ,but it’s really appreciative that you are addressing about it .I hope something good will come out .

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  3. this is one of the badside of our profession and shocking to me is that even parents are also encouraging this fiendish behaviour of therapist just for physical improvement and not even thinking about child’s mental health ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

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  4. Yaaa its really an alarming act nd it badly affects that child psychology ….this should not be done..i appreciate u di to raise ur voice against it

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  5. Kudos to you ma’am for coming out and sharing up this experience. I just hope she doesn’t find about this article #Finger’s Crossed#

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    1. Actually I think that someone in charge should see this article and make some inquiries regarding that so called professional. That is not a way to treat children.

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  6. Being a Psychologist myself, I wonder how she got her clinic renewals after doing such a mess with underdeveloped brains. Definitely, a malpractice that needs proper documentation and reporting. Keep up the good work! Take care.

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