We all must have come across many types of people. Some you are obsessed with themselves (you can count me in there), some who just like to talk about themselves, some who likes to talk about everyone but not themselves (most dangerous type), some you have no care with others just want to have some fun (everyone wants to be friend with them) and there are the “All Saints High” they are no saints but pretend to be saints hence “All Saints High”.

“All Saints High” are people who pretends that they believe in less bullshit but actually creates all the bullshit. They are the one who wants less and true friends but also wants everyone stick around them. The most dangerous trait of these type of people is they think they know about every single character, quality, action, mind not only about others but also themselves (Really! who are you a saint). They are not obsessed “obsessed” about themselves, they are more like just know everything. In every conversation after every 2-3 sentence later they talk same bullshit I’m not like this, I’m like this (They know more than God know themselves when they were here).

More description include they are like, other people life doesn’t matter to them and let me tell you one thing people’s life does matter to them and they are talking about people too and literally everything about them from the cheap things like clothes to as high as activities.

You all must be thinking is really “All Saints High” a term. No it wasn’t actually but borrow it from google to describe a type of people we all must came across.

Won’t it be better if “All Saints High” will just be a Saint or a normal human who do mistake and learn.

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