Book Review :- Baby On Board | Sonia Sahijwani Saini

Author :- Sonia Sahijwani Saini
Length:- 108 pages
Format:- Kindle / Paperback

Language:- English
Format :- Kindle/ Paperback

“Book Description”

To start with, this is my story. For many years I tried to delay and escape from the inevitable. For months thereafter, I was persistently persuaded by my near and dear ones.Finally, in late 2017, (yes I planned the year and almost the month as well), I finally took the plunge and entered the phase of ‘Motherhood’, albeit, with a lot of anxiety and fears. This is the journey of someone who literally suffered from Tokophobia-(fear of childbirth) since she was young but ultimately & contrary to popular perception, it became the biggest and most wonderful challenge of her life.


“Baby On Board” is a short read of authors own journey from fearing pregnancy to the life after the having a baby.
The book is a complete guide of before, been and after pregnancy.

Kudos to author for sharing freely about the various pregnancy things which’s consider taboo in our society.
From free of pregnancy, confidently declining society misguide, knowing what’s good for your own body, being physically active before, throughout and after pregnancy, telling cesarian section is as “normal” as normal delivery, working till the day before the delivery day and most importantly “taking and staying normal” in pregnancy (which is given so much hype in society).

Being a physiotherapist myself I salute author for focusing on physical and mental health like a pro and guiding how exercise is directly and proportionately related to pregnancy. I also adore her planning habit and preparing everything in advance.
My next favourite part about book is involving your own male partner for a smooth, happy and confident journey totally breaking the concept of “I’m pregnant” to “We are pregnant”.

From book; “pregnancy is about you, your partner and your baby”.

The simple language, informative nature and engaging writing style the book is the guide to all pregnant couple, couple who are planning baby or those who wants to relive the experience.

Thank you! Sonia Sahijwani Saini for the review copy!

Rating :- 4/5

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