Book Review | The Shero: Silent Hero| Ashmita Reddy

Author :- Ashmita Reddy.

Length :- 154 pages .

Language :- English.

Format :- Kindle/ paperback.


This story revolves around Sachi Ved Agnihotri. She is a very ambitious and determined girl. She has a suppressing past and a glowing future. She chooses to fight for her future, but life has destined her to fight for a social issue. She is very successful in her field. Her life teaches people that money is not life and there is something more beyond it (passion and love) to complete life. She could be an inspiration to anyone. Her husband taught her how to allow her past to flow freely within her. Her mission is to make every girl child independent and make them fly high. She is our Shero.


“The Shero: Silent Hero” is the savage indictment of our Sordid Patriachy that shackles women in our stereotype society.

Author Ashmita Reddy eloquently tells the story of Sachi a brave, determined girl who runs a NGO to save girls from all the Patriachy violence, bullies like gender inequality, sexual assaults, child labour which she has faced in her past.

The gaze of the book is Sachi from Protogonist point of view but not in a way that alienates the male reader thanks to strong character like ‘Ved Agnihotri’, the love interest of Sachi.
The book also tells us different aspects of ground reality of women has to go through in our society like trafficking, sexual assaults, snatched basic rights through characters like Kamla, Asha, Dia and Sachi herself bringing all the collective shame of our privilege.
Initially the lousy narrative style, poor language command and bad editing difficult to be engaged with the book but as the story unfolds the book somehow justice the title and beautiful cover but not completely.
The mishandled point of view, lack of clarity in prose and bad presentation of stories in story didn’t match the intensity of topic. There were many moments where I felt like description are absent or too bland and can’t fill the void. I personally felt the book is narrated in too heroic manner to be realistic.

Although Kudos to author, who succeed in creating entire matter of fact lived in universe which is relatable i.e. effective.

Recommendation :- Readers looking for simple yet impactful read.

Thank you “Ashmita Reddy” for the review copy!

Rating :- 3/5

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