Interview with Anusha Veluswamy: Author of ‘What if Rainbows were your shadows’

Anusha Veluswamy, architect, writer, blogger, book drunkard and a full time mom of two boys. ‘What if the rainbow were your shadows’ is her debut novel.

Q.) Have you always seen yourself as a writer?

Writing has always been a kind of therapy to me, as much as reading. Writing lays a blanket of calm over me while reading soothes me. I have been writing my emotions for many many years. It all started with ‘copying’ my Appa when I was a little girl. He used to write journals late into the night. I thought that was very cool. So yes it began with journaling and I also started a blog 10 years ago when my older son was born and kept writing him little letters and many of my emotions on various subjects were processed as essays in that blog there. Then it slowly progressed to poetry. I believe the minute you write a piece you are a writer but one never has the courage to say that or even believe that. That journey takes a lot of time.

Q.) What was trigger for writing your debut novel?

Honestly some of the poems in this book dates back to many years ago. This book grew along with me. The poems in there are all extremely special for they resonate with some crucial moments in my life so far;good and the not so very good ones too. Nevertheless, they are all experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. Heartaches do that, they mould you better than successes. Some of these poems were scribbled on the back of books, tissue papers, newspapers or just about anything I could find at that moment when the words came knocking by. Last year however I started compiling these poems to make myself a copy to treasure them and before I knew it, it was well into the process of being published. Creative work I believe has their own ‘energy’.

Q.) Tell us about your book.

This debut collection of poetry illustrates that our strong eternal ties to living and non- living things, to love, the visceral divine intuition and the sweet drama of nature. The poems are a curious mix of earnest wishes, unspoken prayers, dreamy love stories along with the play and drama of a fired imagination. There is a chronological order in the poems but when I started the process of publishing I divided them largely into three themes. These are universal emotions: Nature,Motherhood and Love.

Q.) Now, that you’re a published author what’s your next target?

It still feels very unrealJ

But yes,I have a few things in the pipeline which I am working on.Hoping for the best.

Q.) Who’s your first reader? And who are your biggest critic?

My biggest supporters have been two men in my life.My Appa and my husband. They are my strength and my cheerleaders but horrible critics for they don’t even bother criticisingJ.

My truest and best critics have been my readers, I love them. They are so honest and the way they reverberate with my words is magic. They are the ones who point out what shines and what could have.

Q.) Time for quick fire round.


.} Do you love reading?


.} What you enjoy more between reading and writing?

That’s so easy, Reading! Writing can be a killer sometimes

.} Favourite Author?

So so so many but a few I can think of now: Emily Dickison, Pablo Neruda,Sylvia Path (Poetry),Maeve Binchy (drama and love),Malcolm Gladwell(non-fiction research based writing),Devdutt Patnaik (Indian mythology)Ruskin Bond,Judy blume, Bevearly Clearly,Katie di mello,Eric Karle(Children’s Books)

.} Favourite all time book?

Too many. But very recently I loved The Gene by Siddhartha Mukerjee

.} Favourite fictional hero?

I would rather call him a mythological hero – Karna.}

.}Favourite travel destinations?

Every space has a story. I love travelling but I am not a fancy traveller. I prefer quite,non touristy places within India. So much to see in India. On that note Varnasi is unforgettable, It was the first place I travelled alone to. So much richness and color and beauty in that beautiful place.

.} Favourite food?

Paal Kolukattai(Dumplings in sweet milk) by Amma . Anything continental and also bakes by my son,he is a budding chef.

.} Favourite movies?

Again so many and keeps changing depending largely on my season of emotions. Recently I loved The Marriage Story. Also ‘Inside Out’ for the way they have tried to amplify emotions and their triggers to children was endearing.



Thank you for your precious time. We wish you all the best for your book and future projects!

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