Book Review | What if Rainbows were your shadows? | Anusha Veluswamy

“Book Description”

What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows?, a debut collection of poetry is a gentle blend of stark realties and dreamlike fantasy, effortlessly echoing our lives. The collection of poetry illustrates our strong eternal ties to living and non- living things, to love, the visceral divine intuition and the sweet drama of nature. The poems are a curious mix of earnest wishes, unspoken prayers, dreamy love stories along with the play and drama of a fired imagination.
Some of the characters in the book escort you to a world of robust imagination, like the ‘Dreamcatcher’ who plays an intense female warrior or the Moon that plays a Queen. As you stroll across the book you will also meet a grasshopper and a snake, a strange couple to be locked in a love so naïve. The collection of poems in the section called a ‘Tribe of warriors’ explores the ecstasy and insufficiency of motherhood. Here the poet touches upon some important topics such as grief, miscarriage, the joys of raising children and the struggle to find the ground beneath the tall mess of motherhood.

What If Rainbows Were Your Shadows?, has been a vent-space, quiet-space and heal-space through all the treacherous learning curves, the joyful love and everything in between for the poet. She deeply cherishes these words that often gave her relief, comfort and held her in a quiet calm as she marched towards healing. It is only her hope that the book offers the same sense of quiet hope, joy and healing to her readers.


‘What if Rainbows Were Your Shadow” is a love letter to the unbowed spirit of Nature, Motherhood and love, the universal emotions. The book is divided into these three themes itself.
The beauty of ‘What if Rainbows Were Your Shadow’ is that even if you’re entirely unfamiliar with the poetic world like I was, the book stir your soul because author tackle the material with great skills.
48 poems divided in three themes author creates a cocktail of beauty, lyricism, nature, celebrating motherhood, earnest wishes, dreamy love stories, imagination. This is a poetry of descent that will shift something inside you. Author makes you feel every bit of emotions in every god damn poem.
Each poem are filled with honesty both in the way author consider herself and way she interacts with emotions.
It’s is sweet, sanitized and somewhat simplistic book that debutante author tells with a light touch and lot of heart.
It’s warm, emotional, imaginary and leaves you with a big smile on your face.

Rating :- 4/5

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