Book Review | Dearest Love | Prachi Prangya Agasti

“Book Description”

DEAREST LOVE, two words that seem simple yet engraved with emotions of togetherness and an inseparable bond or a distance too long that may never be bridged, a distance that exists because love does. Two words, we might have written for someone we long to express amidst the pale pages of our diaries, hoping, someone that may never be ours could read them. These words aren’t mere words but feelings that we harbor with hope within us. Hope, that exists because love does, because he does. Love that is never defined by sunsets and unfinished letters. The love that grows inspite of thousands of maybes. A love that becomes the rhythm of this book.
‘Dearest Love’ isn’t just a collection of poems, it’s a journey of a love that breathes, exists and hopes. The phases of emotions where heart hopes if loving was easier but then it wouldn’t have been this beautiful. Sad, happy but beautiful.


How do I not drown? Knowing every time, we collide We would remain and you hold me close Like I am everything Like your last breath!
“Dearest Love” true to its title is the love letter to not only love but all the emotions one feel on the expressway of it.
The collection of 44 poems, each title more beautifully than other, will evoke the depth of emotions in you. The emotions which unfolds gently until it had engulfed you entirely that is the beauty of this book.
Though the poem also tells you about the emotions like pain, fear, heartbreak but despite all this it celebrates love, like love is above all.
Author in her every poem beautifully captures these emotions and express it in a honest, light-hearted, simplistic way. Admirable language use by author shows the earnestness, passion which clearly reflects in the poems. Though I wanted more flow and rhymes in the poems but the big smiles which present on my face while reading it made up for it.

Rating :- 4/5

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