Book Review | Death is my Only Beloved | Laudeep Singh

“Book Review”

July 2020 is the month of poetry for me. I read more poetry than I have ever read before.

“Death is my only beloved” is a collection of poetry about life, death and everything that comes to pass between life and death. It’s difficult trying to review this book because every poem is different in it own way, unlike traditional poetry.
Here’s the excerpt from the book,

“My father,
would have been proud,
to see and know,
that I am not dead yet and via me he lives too,
giving continuity to my life.”

I’m so moved by this. This words author must has wrote for himself and now we are allowed to read them and take them to our heart too.

For one thing the book feels like a graphic poetry novel. Every other page has a drawing giving us the essence before we even read the poetry and with delicate, simple drawing I forget I was reading poetry.

Writing is simple, straightforward and we’ll etched and successfully made us feel the basic essence of human drama in the book. This is the poetry that doesn’t teach you or sooth you still it wins your heart. Though there’s curious lack of depth in the poetry but to be simply put, this isn’t a book meant to be loved or raved about, it is just meant to be read.

Ratings :- 3.5/5

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