Mirrro : at the weird wayward | Book Review | Manoj Kumar Sharma


INDIA @ 2030
INDIA, as a developing Nation, grown up manifolds and on the verge of being World’s Super Power with Richest Economy. But at the same time many perennial social problems also grew manifolds, remained inattentive and giving birth to exponential intensification to grievances. The volcanoes of grievances led to Genesis of MIЯЯЯO …
MIЯЯЯO’s unpredictable fearless Modus-Operandi breaks all the Laws and leads to the out-of-the-box solutions as Weird Way Ward, to rejuvenate the Eco-Systems of today’s hypocritical SYSTEMS…it’s up to the discretion of the PEOPLE, to allow or not!
The Story indicates India’s perennial problems through the eyes of the Protagonist, who always dreamt for the solutions as his own personal aspirations, but, couldn’t succeed meeting even single one, out of his own personal flaws. Time compels him taking help of someone, whom he never believed cordially.
Out of gist of many, only 3 problems are selfishly picked-up by the Protagonist, which hurt him most personally.
MIЯЯЯO weirdly solves those 3 problems with the essence of absolute cleansing as permanent solutions… Will INDIA wish to have such weird, but, permanent solutions to all other problems? Let TIMEtell…


After reading this book I was in constant struggle with myself how to write the review of the book which made me thinking ‘With greater power comes greater responsibility’ yes! But also greater compromise.

The book take us to 2030, when India shines on the world with its superpower and richest economy but having said that ‘with greater power there’s greater compromise’, many perennial social problems manifolds and remained inattentive.
This is story of Indo Sharma, a stubborn and honest patriotic which he gets from his father and grandfather who are super proud patriotic and he also wants to serve his country since childhood. Growing up Indo faces lots of horrifying trauma which disturbs him emotionally, mentally and physically and then after few years enter Mirrro in his life. But the question is, Will Mirrro with his weird way bring the change in Indo’s life or will make it more worse?

The book gives us the transparent view into corruption and idealism that fuel messy business of Indian democracy. Powerful and poignant portrait of a shining moment in time when it seems that where straightforwardness has never a chance of working, crookedness flourishes.

Author thread this story together with a thrill and effective emotions that will flame the patriotic inside you.
Author creates a layered narrative which doesn’t give us comfort of easy solutions but make us flame to step up and make change. It’s well paced book, with easy language, commendable and gripping storyline which dials up the tension inside you but also leads you towards right way.

Ratings :- 3.5/5

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