Book Review | Not Really Indian: Ten Women, Ten intriguing stories | Subhashini Prasad


Shivani returns to the heart of Mumbai after a decade of ruling New York as a banker. But who can she count on when a sudden intruder enters her house?

Seema’s childhood nanny from Jaipur visits her in Singapore: 50-year-old Mamta massi who has watched her grow. What can a new country do to a loyal simpleton?

Twin sisters Ahana and Sahana are oceans apart for the first time in their lives, one in Delhi and the other in London. And both are expecting babies in the same month. What does it take for these inseparable sisters to stay apart?

10 women of Indian origin. No, they are not a sports team. They are women who have a love-hate relationship with their country. Some opportunists, some merely curious, some bystanders and some striking the fine balance between being Indian and not. But none of them can call just India home.

This book is a collection of short stories taking us through the lives of these women who are…Not Really Indian.


‘Not Really Indian’ is a rare and unexpected pleasure.
The book tells us 10 splendored women stories . It’s dazzling and meandering. Brilliant and indulgent. Sparkling but most importantly every story has same heart. It’s a heart of migrant, being caught between the country where your roots are and the country where you make your home. All these women have same heart yet have their own unique dynamics and flaws. This makes the stories more down to earth rather than unbelievably perfect. That’s what made me like the book so much.
The book tells us story of different aspects of Indian women immigrants experience and their typical concerns of humans everywhere – love, relationship, family, career, success, travel, dream, even hate for own country and loved ones.

This is the book that deep dives into your heart and stays there. What will stay with you is how beautifully ‘Not Really Indian’ captures the messiness of life. It’s unpredictability and it’s inherent ineptness. The book is generous, authentic and smart. It made me feel many experiences.
Author creates a lived in world. The stories might be convoluted but these are people we could know.
Every stories are memorable, step by step way to cherish ourselves and our motherland and place we live in. Yes! There’s grit there, but it’s tempered with dignity and compassion. The way characters has been crafted by author, is gloriously feminine and uniquely Indian. In the characters development department author has nailed it. Every character is unique, perfect, smart and has flaws in it own way.
The book portrays the ordinary aspects of immigrants in an extraordinary manner.

Ratings :- 4.5/5

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