Book Review | The Mind Game | Devika Das


When I got this book, the cover and title intrigued me instantly and for someone like me whose has no control over emotions, I was really looking forward to this one to find help in controlling my emotions and the book did quite a job.

The book is divided into six sections Emotion mastery, Analysing people, Live better with less, Go happy; Go lucky, Angry? Don’t be and A happy workplace.
Each section teach us better understanding of ourselves, our surroundings and how we can control us and balance the mind. The book through its inspirational stories, quotes, meaningful information, give us many things when practice in reality take us more towards success.

Writing is to the point. Points and paragraphs are well placed. Language is simple and easy to understand. The book deals with almost every aspect of human emotions and books on these topics could take infinite number of pages to be written. Still this mere 200 pages of book felt stretched and slow paced at some point. This isn’t a quite a book that you can easily read. For books like this one should has predetermination to really complete the book. I also find the book more informative than inspiring. Maybe some more stories or examples could do! In simple words the book is more like a guide. I missed storytelling in this one.

Nevertheless ‘The mind game’ is sincere and heartfelt but it never gets raw and messy. It’s too neat. Until the final stretch it doesn’t pierce your heart the way the subject should. Though the book is still one worth reading credits to the heft and sort of quite wisdom.

Ratings :- 3/5

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