Book Review | K-The last warrior | Tarun Jolly


I love those book with the storyline, ‘where world needs to be saved and only ‘the man’ can do the job. ‘K- The Last Warrior’ by Tarun Jolly is one of those stories.

Book begin as any good epic should, the girl named Monica who’s leading all the people towards an unknown destination and K, the protector of all of them, towards the destination where Shivaye had told them to go. But why did Shivaye told them so? Who’s this Shivaye? Is K really exist?

The story has all of my favourite ingredients, folktale, mythology, mystery, thrill and of course romance. Author has crafted an excellent tale. The serves up a good twist during the climatic portion too (though the story ends up with cliffhanger), one that fits perfectly with the theme.
It’s a gripping tale with an interesting plot filled with twist that will make the reader curious. It’s a tale blended with folktale and mystery that will make you think.
I only have one problem with the book and that’s dialogue. The dialogue seem more like an ensemble of Hindi words then boasting with lyricism the author seems to have aimed for. Also it will be much appreciated book it the length was controlled.
Overall with the beautifully crafted storyline, well developed characters, gripping writing style, engaging and crisp narration, it’s an interesting book with many secrets. That will make you want to read the next part as soon as you complete this one!
P.S. :- The book is originally written in Hindi but also has English translated version also.

Ratings :- 4/5

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