Book Review | I prescribe Love | Lavnya Krishnamurthy


Before the review I want to announce that the main protagonist of the book is me. Shwetha is me. Not in every terms but our answer to ‘What you want to be?’ are same, Doctor!
Reading a book in which you see yourself in the characters are the best kind of books.

This story revolves around ‘Shwetha Iyer and her journey of medical college, love, friendship, heartbreak and many more. This is the story of every Indian girl. Traditional family, big dreams, aspirations to make a name for yourself and struggling with complexity of relationship.
I’m damn sure the characters are inspired from author known ones or maybe herself because every characters are crafted beautifully. Characters are the brownies of this story. None are unidimensional and that’s make the story interesting.

The book begins well with the fresh college life scenes, friendship, romance and dives straight into the drama. What it does lack is innovative storyline that could elevate the narrative. Though the plot is basically every other girl story but that’s the problem, it’s everybody’s story. This isn’t the story we haven’t read before. None interesting twist takes away thrill quotient as well.
The best part of book is narration. It’s crisp and engaging. The quality of writing is the best exemplified not only by well worded quotes but also by the great vocabulary.

Ratings :- 3/5

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