Book Review | Bloom For Yourself | Sneha Narayanan


‘Bloom For Yourself’ by ‘Sneha Narayanan’ is the gentle reminder of being yourself in this changing world. This is the short book of self acceptance and empowering ourselves.
This book is the reminder to be okay in your skin and being strong in these sorbid Patriachy that shackles women in our stereotype society.
Thorough out the book author keeps the tone resolutely optimistic and inspirational, yes there is grief but it never gets grim.
It’s a sweet, sanitized and somewhat simplistic book that author has wrote with light touch and lots of heart.
Writing is simple, straightforward and well etched.
To be simply put, this isn’t a book meant to be loved or raved about, it is just meant to be read and reminds ourselves the simple lessons of life.

‘Ratings :- 4/5’

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