Book Review | Dream | Devesh Kumar Krishdhan


Actual ratings :- 3.5/5
This is the book that moves something inside you that after finishing the book the feelings won’t easily go away.
It’s dramatic, gripping and beautiful, dark.
This book revolves around ‘Nandu’ who was being bullied or hurt from his loved ones and then went over to the bigger situation what drove him completely crazy. It’s a beautiful portrayal of good Vs bad. And true to its title the book is all about the dream. It rise that extraordinary desire to fulfill your dreams. It has all the elements family drama, emotions, betrayal, bully, desire, artistic expression! The artistic expression reminds me of climax which is so damn artistic. Though it will leave you in sorrow.
From the start, to the way it progresses you can tell, the book been through various editing and several second thoughts. Sometimes the patchiness shows. It’s a stretch. Something fizzled out towards the end. The drama do feel overdramatic and intial part of the book you won’t feel anything but sad for Nandu. You still don’t begrudge a book that’s been this engaging, entertaining so far.
With a simple and gripping writing style and crisp and engaging narration it’s an interesting book with many secrets.

Ratings :- 3.5/5

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