Book Review | K-The ultimate truth | Tarun Jolly


‘K-The ultimate truth’ second book in the k series is a unique, experimental book with the unconventional take just like the first book.
The book takes off from where the last book ended. After Shivaay death his sister Monika is torn between frustration and grief. She struggles between the reality and her own imaginative world. The book checks all of my favourite genre boxes- mythology, science, adventure, heroism, drama.

Author has twice over, superbly crafted a fantastical world, we can safely says his own world, bringing his character to life and the way he drives the characters. Great job.
The powerful and poignant portrait of a shining moment in time when it seemed that integrity, passion and idealism could print forth a revolution. It’s brilliant.
Author thread this story together with a mythological thriller with a effective emotions that will flame the heroic feeling inside you. Only thing didn’t work for me is the dialogues. They are too cheesy.

Overall it’s a well crafted!

Ratings :- 4/5

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