Book Review | Oasis in the desert and the other stories | Arushi Vats


It’s been a while since I read short stories collection and when I got the opportunity to read this one I got really excited. But I took my time to read it. Not because it’s unengaging simply because I don’t like to read short stories cover to cover, especially when it comes to book like this which leaves a big impact on you.
In a way, its almost an injustice to read these meaningful stories straight through cover to cover. Each stories offers unique experience in transforming words into imagery in a way that will leave readers thoroughly satisfied.

My favourites are ‘A last letter to hope, Dadu and the title of the book ‘Oasis in the desert’, refers to the first story in the collection. After the completion of book what will stay with you is how beautifully ‘Oasis in the desert and the other stories’ captures the messiness and beauty of life. It’s unpredictability and it’s inherent ineptness. The book is generous, authentic and smart.
In most of the stories from the 9 stories collection author kept the tone optimistic and inspirational. Yes there’s grief but it never gets grim.

The writing isn’t the top grade but the book has all the heart in the right places and sometimes that’s really matter.

It’s a honest raw look at the long road of finding yourself.

Ratings :- 4/5

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