Author Interview | Manali Debroy | Marigold-The golden memories

Manali introduced herself in her books as a banker by profession but a writer by heart. She fell in love with words when her six years old self started letters to her grandfather then there’s no looking back for her. She fall for words more in more each passing day.

Being fond of memories she always used to Penn down all her memories and any heard stories from stranger or friend in her journal.

In this candid interview, she told us about her love for words, fondness for memories, love for writing, her book and all other things.

1) Marigold-The golden memories, is an intriguing title. How did you come up with it?


-The Golden Memories, is not just a random book title that was thought of at the last minute. Each and every story in the book is a reflection of the vulnerability yet the strength behind human emotions. The flower Marigold is a ceremonious symbol and a cherished flower that depicts happiness, freshness, beginnings. Simply put, it soothes our soul, bringing a sense of calmness. Humans are a rare race who can remember the past, bottling them in as memories and inhaling the essence whenever they reminisce. That’s what the title of the book conveys. The book is a medium for readers to reminisce their fondest or unforgettable memories.

2) The book description contain’Marilyn Monroe’ quote. Any particular reason for it?


I am remarkably inspired by self-made humans and more so, a self-made woman. So, I read a lot about them, because you never know what you can learn from their spoken words. This quote is a result of that. It says so much in just a few words. Pure truth and no sugary coat, but just what life is – bare and honest. Life is the same – no lies, but all bare to you. Hence, that quote is there on the back cover.

3) You sound so fond of words and memories. How and when did you fall in love with reading?


If we can say forever, then that. I think I was born to love reading. Even when I couldn’t fathom words, I loved to hold a book and flip pages through it. I started writing letters to my grandfather since age 5. Words and memories go hand in hand. What you read is what you imbibe and in turn, is what you learn. Then, when you write, all that you have read plays a big part in your creativity. I am always mesmerized by an author’s magic of storytelling.

4) Do you do any special research before writing the book?


Always. You can’t write anything before researching. Special research, well, I don’t know what can’t be categorised as special while you research for your book. So, I think everything is special when you write for your book.

5) What’s your writing style like?


As I think I write 🙂
My writing style is innate, raw, and it just flows I guess.

6) Who’s your first reader? And, who’s your biggest critic?


Generally, my first reader is my husband. But I also keep poking my best friends. After all, what are friends for 😀
My biggest critic is them as well.
7) Are your character based on people you know? Are there any strong influences? Or it’s an entirely a fictional thing



so maybe what I am going to say here might break all the shackles. But even if so then be it, but let’s speak honestly right! It is very important to know that fiction is fiction only because we are recreating it in a different manner and may be in a completely different world, but the embedded truth is as non-fiction and as real as it can be. Writing even what you have seen is difficult because storytelling is an art. Yet so more, when you recreate something – an event, a memory, a taboo or even a feeling – into a storytelling fiction that is more real than even the truth. What I am meaning to say here is that everything that an author writes is inspired, either by someone or something or just purely by life. I am no different.
8) What was the experience of writing a novel Vs columnsm


Researching is important in both. But writing a book which is fiction requires a lot of innate creativity, superlative vision and let me tell you envisioning a reality that can happen or has happened in a different manner is not an easy one. While writing a column is purely fact-based and a very informative way of presenting the piece to the readers. Both are equally challenging and both are equally exciting in their own ways.

9) Do bad reviews or criticism affect you?


I would be lying if I say no. Whenever you feel like unaccepted it affects somewhere inside. Having said that, I have come across far from the phase of getting severely affecting to the phase where I understand the need to move on from them. It still affects me, but now I have learnt to graciously accept the prickly thorns as I accept the roses. Smile away your fears and pains, the happiness will start seeping in.

10) Time for a quick round up


.) Do you love reading?

▶️All the

time. The only thing I can do non-stop.

.) What you enjoy more between reading and writing?


Difficult one. But between choosing to write or read the great books of the world, I would always choose reading them.


Favourite author?


Many. I really can’t pick one. I am as intrigued by one as I am fascinated by the other. I read a lot of genres and I admire many authors.

.) Favourite place to visit?


Switzerland is my favourite from what I have seen. But I am rooting for Norway. That is my ‘can’t miss a chance’ destination. I hope things get better soon to visit.


Favourite food?


I am a foodie, so hard to answer this. But being a Bengali I love “golbari kosha mangsho and mishti pulao”


favourite movie?


A beautiful mind


Thank you for your time. Had fun doing this interview. I wish you ‘Best of luck’ for your future endeavours.

Keep reading and writing!


Guys you can buy Manali’s book from the below link.

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