Book Review | Mohini : The Enchantress | Anuja Chandramouli


Imagine the happiness after reading the book that turns out to be as pleasurable as you have expected. ‘Mohini : The Enchantress’ was that book for me. It’s a rare and expected pleasure. It’s dazzling and meandering. Brilliant and indulgent.

I was captivated by the book since I had a first look at it. The reasons are many, beautiful cover, my love for mythology, curiosity to know more. Usually when I read something like this I read it fast but with this one I took my own sweet time to read. Although in a way its almost injustice to read this book straight in a fast paced. As the book tells the many stories of the minor characters from mythology, each story offers a unique experience in transforming words into imagery in a way that will leave a big impact on you.

The book tells the story of Mohini , the only female avatar of Lord Vishnu in a completely different light and also of many not widely known characters from mythology. The book mostly tells the story of females from mythology which are lesser known or shadowed by the males. It’s like a fresh new version of mythology storytelling. The fact that it brings a still niche subject like homosexuality is one of its strength. I got to know more about many characters from the book, like Anusuya, Tara, Bhumi devi, Aditi, Diti and Mohini herself and all this is refreshing.

Every character and layout is so cleverly written using the patriarchal conditioning. Writing was quite heavy for me in initial few pages but it may be literary pleasure for many.

I can’t wait to see what else author has in store! I know I can read her work ever and over again.

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