Book Review | Pebbles on Paper | Swati Khatri

Pebbles on Paper is the raw look at the long road of emotions and thoughts. The book is the window to the emotions which we all go through at different stages of life.

Through her poems author express all the emotions which deep dives into the heart and plans to stays there forever. Some through the quint eye poetry and some through the direct one. But for me who loves the crosseyed nature of poetry I really like poetry where author use one expression to express another. Those the poetry which are tricky to understand.

The book is divided in twelve parts among which my favourites are Reflection and Love. The poems of Reflection and Love are soothing, breathtaking and something which I can’t categories into the modern or traditional poetry. They have all the heart in the right places, rhythm, rhyme, hidden message and storytelling.
Other poems didn’t work for me. They are long enough to be called as paragraphs. I didn’t expected that after savouring the wonderful poems in the earlier part. Though the words are touching but they are felt unfit to be called poetry.
Some lines which are really like, ‘Remember you are the protogonist of your life. And they are, and always will be an audience of yours. Who will realise that they missed to participate their own race, because they were busy scrutinizing your’s.’ The words are lovely.

The language of the book is simple and for everyone. If you like to read poetry this one is yours.

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