Book Review | Color Blind | Aditya Chowdhary


“We became the lies we tell ourselves daily, it won’t be too late for us to change ”

📓 It’s a painful, beautiful, horrifying, heartfelt and compelling book about ‘Lohit’ who is only able to see one color.
The book thrust you into the world where society is only able to see one color his/her entire life. The factions are created by government based on color they could see from birth. If somebody could see multicolore it was outcast. Everything goes like this until Lohit meet the mysterious girl ‘Anjum’.

If I don’t intellectualize too much, I have to say I quite enjoyed reading this dystopian survival story. Yes, I took more time than usual to read this book and I don’t regret it. This book has so many layers, things to learn and always because this is my first time reading dystopian novel.
The best part of novel is in the description, the heavily oppressive setting. I personally thought these characters has a lot of emotions and are beautifully described. Unfortunately I find my disappointment in the thrill and the predictable nature of the book.
Well it’s a beautifully written, gripping tale with an interesting plot filled with twist that will make reader curious. I so wish if I had read it in a paperback version, I would have finished it in a one sitting.

P.S. :- This book has so much potential. I couldn’t take it that it still undiscovered by Indian readers. I recommend every one to pick this one.

Ratings :- 4/5

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