Book Review | Cornecopoem | Saniya Inamdar


Beautifully drafted poems by Saniya Inamdar in eight sections are powerful enough to bring tears down the eyes and stretch the lips to full fledge smile. Among all the peoms the most thought provoking which deep dives into the heart is the pomes of first section ‘Sophist’ as it bring backs the horrying memories from past when world cried together and questioned the humanity.

My favourite section ‘Sophist’ which covers the almost half part of the book also give us brief summary of the previous haunting incidence with a  picture attached to it. The words may have grief in them but there’s also a hint of bravery of a shining moment in time when it seemed that integrity, passion and idealism could print forth the revolution.

The deep sorrowful feelings which we experience in the earlier part of the book will turn soothing and peaceful when we proceed reading the other section. Its like a whole turn up of feelings and balancing out the every emotions.  Sounds perfect, Right! The book sooth us, teach us, motivate us, provoked the burried warrior under us, strengthen us and make us smile.

This isn’t the traditional poetry with the rhyme and rythm it’s a modern poetry with modern elements for the modern day structured with the past and age old mistakes and morales. The writing may not to be literary enough but as I said it’s a modern poetry.

If you like to read poetry go for it. I can assure, you won’t be disappointed.

Ratings : 4/5

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