Book Review | Sin is the new love | Abir Mukherjee


‘Sin is the new love’ happened to be one of those books who took me by surprise. Mysterious storytelling and unexpected twist and turns kept me on the edge of the seat. I read this book in a day, thanks to the engaging storyline which didn’t allow me to put the book down.

It tells us the story of ‘Ahi’, a bibliophile, happy go lucky girl who runs a small publication house in kolkata. Between her parents love, best friend Samim support, her world of books and zest to take her publication house on top she is oblivious to the sinner/dark side of the world. But as they say ‘It only takes a moment to change the destiny’ and that moment of Ahi is the autobiography of her favourite, recently demise author ‘Devang Awasthi’ which she found on her office under her name, The autobiography is more like a confession of all his sins and illegal business.
Despite all the warnings from her colleagues Ahi is determined enough to get the manuscript published and on the way she found herself burried deep into the web of lies, mystery, murder, betrayal and sins. Between all these her only ray of hope is the handsome ACP Abhimanyu Rathore.
But, among all the big publication house only Ahi gets the manuscript,  especially why it was under her name? Who’s the shadow she always felt following her? How she is linked to all these? Who gets murder and most importantly why? And, who’s the murderer?

The incredibly well written  characters and well developed crime scenes justifying the thrill of the book. Every side characters are also well developed, the big reason why you couldn’t able to put the book down. All the Characters and crime scenes are portrayed in realistic way, nothing seems out of the place. I especially love Ahi and Abhimanyu dynamic but I also wish if book had offer more of there chemistry.
Thrilling and adventurous ride the book has it low as well. There will be moments when I had questioned the storyline and found it predictable but I still couldn’t begrudge the book that’s been this engaging, entertaining and enjoyable. And, in the end the book ends with a hope of second part and if that happens I so wish to read it as soon as its gets out.

Ratings :- 4/5

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