Book Review | Massage | Arya Narrayan


Well. Well. Well. What a plesant surprise! The book is so much more than what cover and blurb has to offer. It’s like an one of those books which after reading brings out the reaction ‘What did just happen?’.

Prasong Songchon and Rutna Songchun financially modest but contented with life couple lives in Bangkok. When Rutna suffers from severe backache and every remedies fails her to get rid of pain, her husband suggest her to take traditional massage therapy. And, that where the story takes off. Life begins to change when Rutna starts taking massage at ‘Paradise Thai Massage Parlour ‘ by massue Senorita. She started acting weirdly, out of the place and strange things starts happening around her. Horrified by her condition and in desperation to know the truth Prasong too starts taking massage at Paradise Thai Massage Parlor. 

‘Massage’ is an odd book with horror, emotional drama, mystery, thrill and paranormal all rolled into one. Unlike mainstream horror books there’s no jarring background score or cliched jump scares. Its more like a art house indie thriller which moves at its own pace, in its own unique way. The plot that author sets in is amazing and out of the box with twist and turns successfully giving us hair raising and chilling.
The simple and lucid language and wonderful narration author brilliantly portrays the mysteries that will keep you on your toes, written cleverly to stop you guessing when they will come, but not so many as to override the emotional weight being supported by the characters.

All in all its a tasteful storyline with authentic chills and surprising twist and turns.

Ratings :- 4/5

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