Book Review | Silent Words | Nishant Gang


‘Silent Words’ by Nishant Gang is poetry book which I can’t categorize into modern and traditional poetry. They have classic but always refreshing rhyme and also that inbuilt message which allows reader to analyze the poem in a better way. And, I love this kind of poetry.

‘Nothing was great but their courage
Nothjng was strong but their will
Nothing was different but their way, their ability to learn, not a habit but skill’.

It’s difficult to review this book as all 24 poems are different in its own way. Every poem has a different story, different message, different feeling to share. But in some the all this is conveyed directly and while others allow the reader’s to analyze it. One thing is common in all the poems is the poetic sensibility, melodious rhymes and rhythm and most importantly it’s like their story is going on in the poetic form, which to upon us to conclude the feelings and emotion.

This is the poetry that doesn’t teach you or sooth you and still it wins your heart. Though it lacks the curious depth in poetry but to simply put this isn’t a book meant to be loved or raved about, it’s just meant to be read.

Beautifully drafted this is a poetry of descent that will allow to you lose in its poetic rhythm and rhyme.

Ratings : 4/5

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