Book Review | PI Agency | Neelabh Pratap Singh


Wow. Wow. A female detective in the patriarchal world. Wow.

‘Pi Agency’ by Neelabh Pratap singh tells the story of Rashmi Purohit, a failed CBI aspirant who now runs a detective agency to fullied her long desired dreams. In a run to make a big name for her agency and herself, Rashmi along with her two companions Akshya and Diksha say yes to the high profile case of a rich business tycoon Brajesh Arya to investigate the drug cartel that has engulfed Brajesh son’s with the addiction of drugs. But to solve this case Rashmi got herself into the dark end of the tunnel with no backdoor. And here raises the question “Will she rescue herself?” Also, Beneath this thrilling storyline line there’s also so much goes within the book like Rashmi’s past. Its wonderful.

While reading this book I loved how author has captured the female rage. Rashmi’s characters was written beautifully. One can feel the physicality of her character. Every side characters are also written beautifully justifying the storyline.
A genuinely compelling mystery is hidden inside the novel, several compelling mysteries in fact but it’s the strong engaging voice that will really draw readers into dark enchanting world that Rashmi has drag herself into.

The book is intoxicating.  I loved it. While I had gone into this story thinking it was going to be packed with suspenseful scenes, the mystery was really in the storytelling.  It was unexpected but executed so well. Not only its extremely thrilling and kept me intrugued entire time but I seriously appreciated how accurate the representation of drug cartel was. While some events of story weren’t necessarily the most realistic, the many of the characters felt real, like peole who could actually exist, who had authentic thoughts and feelings I could see reflected in actual people. It was a fantastic novel and I would highly recommend it.

Ratings :- 4/5

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