Book Review | Unlocking the Lockdown stories | Juhi Jaisinghani


In this crazy times of covid lockdown when news channels, daily bulletins and covid cases stats are bombarding people with negativity, staying positive is a tough but most important thing. But admist this negativity many good and positive things happened in this lockdown. Some really good, life changing things happened that made many a complete different person. And, that’s what ‘Unlocking The Lockdown Stories’ tells us. The book work as the shining ray of hope in the dark times of Covid Lockdown. 

Through its 10 short stories the book portrays the positivity in this crazy time in a unique way through every story yet with the same heart. The stories aren’t extraordinary or something that we haven’t heard before they are really simple but emotionally loaded enough to fill your heart with the great joy and bring that big smile on your face while reading it. They are simple yet touching. 
One thing that this lockdown has given us that we always complained about is time. Time to work on things that once we were really passionate about. Like Ali found his long lost passion for cooking in the story ‘Fortunately Unfortunate’. We got time to work on that relationship we have always craved. Like Ishaan Ahuja found his long lost love for Mahi in story ‘Long Lost Love’. The emotional center point if the book is the unconventional relationship between the Tenant and owner, how they find solace in the time of lockdown in each other company. And, I don’t know if its in my head but I felt while reading it that author has also paid tribute to actor Sushant Singh Rajput in her own form.

The stories not only tells us about the positive things of this lockdown but it also teaches us that if will and love are strong enough, time and situation doesn’t matter. It also pays tribute to our brave covid heros in its own way. 
The writing isn’t top grade but the book is engaging enough to complete it in a one sitting. 

It’s a nice, feel good read.


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