Book Review | Brick, Cement and Dotcom | Deep Malhotra


Reading ‘Brick, Cement and Dotcom is like reading author’s diary which is written to be read by others so they can be benefited from his diverse experience, journey from employee to entrepreneur, perception, thoughts, ideas, belief and decisions. 

The best thing about this book is, unlike many business books it was written in a story form. This makes it more reliable. Here author has share his own entrepreneurial journey from a graphic designers to real estate entrepreneur and everything in between, his startups and other ventures. As I proceed with the book I kept googling the author’s startup and ventures and this made me dive more into the book and author’s business life. And, I found this book so realistic. It don’t give you that false illusion of great businessman’s life with lots of money and all. It’s written in honest way, giving both fair share if success and failure.
The book not only offers great business insights and ideas through authors professional life but it also give us insights of life around business which ultimately affects the professional life. From dealing with failures, passion to start and persistence to keep going, timings, accepting the role of fate in business to telling Indian societies privileged male ‘fragile ego’ which comes with perks of pressure and burdern.

One thing that author has most talked about in book is ‘startups’. Author has stripped down to the core of basic principle of being agile in your startup. I found this book not only great for advice, techniques and author’s personal experience to help reinforce the approach, but it is an inspirational book that gives you great insight of business world, from conference room dramas of big tech companies to funding and investors dealing in startups to dealing with local goons, police and other authorities in real estate business. 
I particularly enjoyed this book when author tells his real estate journey that’s when the writing gets more better, personal and inspirational.

It’s a great book with a good business insights! Truly informative!

Ratings :- 4/5

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