Book Review | Olive Beans | Reeti Kalia


I absolutely adored this book which had me laughing one minute and crying the other minute.

Olive beans is a short stories book with every story unique in its own way yet interconnected. Every story witnessed by a beautiful, kind hearted lady in her mid thirties, Maya and the four walls of her cafe ‘Olive beans’. The book starts with Maya and her life with her fauji husband and their life togther and apart when he is serving the country. And, that’s my favorite chapter of the book. It felt so realistic and natural. The book aheads take us to various life who visit Maya cafe on regular basis and their simple and sweat- sour life but with big emotions. Among her all the visitors my favorite is Sarika and her longings and learning how to overpower past pain and use the past love as fuel for future. The stories are pretty predictable and cheesy but author didn’t try to show Maya in perfect light. She has embraced her flaws and portrayed how everybody can go wrong with their judgments like Maya went wrong with Sandip. Each story with different characters and storyline is different in its own way yet they all have a same heart, the same emotions. The emotions of longings, of love, of loss and of pain. The emotions strong enough to move something inside you and to get emotionally kicked (always in a good way, of course).

The characters were incredibly well developed. The way author binds the characters relationship in each story, slowly but carefully tied me to the story in the matter of few seconds. The way author portrays the fauji ‘s wife longings, fear and love and the their life is nothing but charismatic. Being a army wife herself author does a pretty good job here.

Olive beans is bunch of stories of love, loss and emotions. Its a story that begs the questions ‘What if…..? What if you took a different path in life? Would you still end up at the same destination? Can we ever overcome our past pain and instead use the past love to fuel our future? Do feelings really always remains same? And, they do don’t they change?

All in all its a emotionally packed book. I recommend it to those who love to get emotionally kicked while reading the book.

Ratings : 4/5

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