Book Review | The knife in my spoon | Saniya Inamdar


‘The knife in my spoon’ is a delicious, twisted, witty thriller. The book written by ‘Saniya Inamdar’ manages at the same time both to be meta and self aware but also satisfyingly old school.
There’s humour, mystery, thrill, youthfulness, college life, twists, turns and friendship enough to make you crave the same kind of friends group. Truly, what’s not to love?

Within the few pages I was too engaged with the fun lives of Winay, Paul, Saniya, Shanaya and Zeeshan. The superbly dysfunctional yet perfect group of engineering students whose lives and bonding allows to revisit that first flush of youth and very satisfying journey back to those days. These five friends happy go lucky life turns upside down when Winay face a financial crisis and in desperate need of money. He has no idea how to get a job and manage to study at the same time. Aware of his condition his friends comes to his rescue and advice him to take part in ‘Banaega kaun Millionaire’ and he reluctantly first but gives in to the advice and that’s when the book takes the flip with the remaining memebers of friends group goes to seance, where a spirit informs to that the present PM is going to be killed and these grouo found themselves in these loopholes but what the mystery behind all these?

Instantly intriguing start with humour and youthfulness is perfect to keep reader hook. As the story proceed the humour didn’t flank eveb when the plot gets overwrought. And underneath the laughs and furious twist and turns, the author creates a deep layers of social satire with a commendable narration. I found my disappointment in the dialogues which seems more like a ensemble of cheesy Bollywood words and lines than boosting lyrisim the author has aimed for.

‘The knife in my spoon’ has a sense of glee thats infectious.  It’s pleasurable and occasionally silly but its consistently fun and that’s a great accomplishment.

Ratings : 4/5

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