Book Review | Bitten By Love | Vijaya S.


‘Bitten by love’ is a beautiful love story that revolves around two completely opposite souls, the lively, carefree and bubbly Anu and the reserved,  careful and responsible Abhi. The book is filled with beauty, symbolism, heartache, forgiveness,  redemption, undying love, drama, family values and Bollywood style storytelling.

Anu and Abhi first time meet each other in a perfect Bollywood way, at the traffic signal where Abhi falls for Anu while Anu gets angry with him. Later, they both get to know they are not only colleagues but are also paired for programming assignment. Due to Abhi attraction towards her and Anu lively nature their relationship takeoff easily and they find love in each other. When they were all high in love and making promises one day Anu brother saw them together and Anu family go against their relationship and they fall apart. Will they ever reconcile together?

Honestly this book surprised in more ways than one. I mean with its chic-lite cover, and the book’s subtle summary. I had no clue how emotional this book would really turns out to be.
The characters in the book seemed so individually strong and memorable in their own right. I couldn’t help but admire the way author built the plot around such diverse characters instead of concentrating on just the two main leads. Anu and Abhi friends group will make you crave same kind of friends group.
The book has so much going on in it, the story moves ahead quickly.  Its a fast paced read with a easy language. I didn’t like how Anu and Abhi moves apart due to family drama but it also feels true to life. Indian parents, especially in a retro time period like this frown to office/campus romace so it’s not surprising that Anu’s family is concerning and disapproving. 

This isn’t the story that you haven’t read before it’s the way it had been told. I constantly felt like reading Bollywood script with a great humour and emotions effective enough to make all the audience in the theater cry. Though at some point I felt story is been stretched while other its been rushed to move it to climax, its disappointing.  All in all its a bumby ride with full packed emotions.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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