Book Review | Me Ki Gai |Atul Khekade

“Review “

At one point in book Prabhudas says to Parth , “When you find what you love, your personal and career life both will be fine” and this line is the heart beat of the book.
“Me ki Gai” is the story of a man Parth, in his early twenties who tries to commit suicide exhausted from life’s constant disappointments, pain, rejections and depression but luckily saved by  a mysterious security guard, Prabhudas and then with the help of Prabhudas guidance, stories and examples Parth discovers his Ikigai, reason of existence.

Inspired from the concept of Ikigai, the book Me Ki Gai intelligently tries to lift the stigma of discovering one’s Ikigai, the reason of existence and which is the most important thing of life and for this you can’t have a better brand ambassador for the guidance than Prabhu himself. I love the character of Prabhudas, it has strengthen my faith and soothe the spiritual soul in me.
Through the conversations of Prabhudas, Parth and Krisha (Parth true love) the book answers many important life questions whoes answer is always everyother person is seeking. What made this book different and better from any other self help and motivated book is that it’s in a story form rather than conceptual form. Here we can experience and relate with Parth life and struggles of self discovery. The book very brilliantly explain us the ‘5 elements of success ‘ explaining each one with the examples and stories and believe me it was done better than business books.

Simple language and smooth narration make this one easy to read. You don’t read this book to know, how it will end? Because somehow you know it. You read it for the journey and its wisdom. Though I found the story bit too stretched. It could be shortened easily but nevertheless this one is the must read.
I recommend it to every college student or the lost soul who question him/herself about surety in life.

Ratings : 4/5

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